How to Get Your IOS Apps Approved


Almost every day, a large number of iOS applications are rejected by the Apple App Store. Reasons for rejection include malfunctions and errors. In some cases, developers are negligent in entering a variant number, the description of the API used, and so on. There are development platforms that can help developers in prevention. However, it is necessary to make sure that programs are tested on screens of different sizes and versions of iOS. Here is how to get your IOS app approved.

Learn to Be Creative

Laptop The Apple App Store is home to over 300,000 apps. Each one makes it difficult for a programmer to think of something that overshadows the programs. The key to making a lot of money or finding a cure would be to think. It would help if you chose an unsaturated marketplace. If you can’t find one, only work with that thought, if you have an idea, you should look for an app in the App Store. AppCake┬áis a free IOS app that is used for installing IPA files to iPhone or iPad.

Always Keep It Simple

The program’s growth teams and companies work hard before sending it to polish their program. The truth is that a rich and refined program is often not included in the software store. Acceptance for programmers takes a long time, but it can be updated by you later with updates and improvements after your program is in the store. You should avoid introducing an alpha version of the application or a beta version.

Follow the Guidelines

Apple has established some basic rules that can be considered strict. Regardless of whether you might think some of these rules are absurd, their main purpose is to support a program that offers added value and is selected by Apple groups. However, things like the technological jargon that has been explained, APIs, and the design of your program are prohibited. Your application must also have a name and be designed for great things.