A Guide To Buying Wigs


We have a variety of reasons why we want to buy a wig. Whether to change our hairstyle overnight without drastically altering our natural hair or to covering thinning hair, wigs have now become more popular than ever. The use of wigs is no longer exclusive to older people as even young men and women have taken the fancy of using wigs for everyday wear or a special occasion. For those interested in purchasing a wig for the first time, below are some information on wigs. This can help you make a smart decision later on.

Different types of wigs

asdfCDWigs may look different; however, there are two types of wigs – those made from real human hair and those made of synthetic fibers. Wigs that are made of human hair are just that; companies process real human hair and make them into different styles. This hair type is natural looking, so they tend to blend well with the client’s hair. Natural wigs tend to be expensive depending on the treatment that the hair has received, and users should take care of the wig as they tend to damage easily without proper care. Whenever shopping for natural wigs, one might come in contact with “Remy Hair” or “Virgin Hair.” These types of wigs are made of unprocessed human hair. This means that aside from washing and cleaning the hair strands, bleaching is not used; thus the hair cuticle is still attached to the strands. This makes the hair last longer than treated hair or synthetic ones.

Synthetic wigs, however, are made of nylon or acrylic. Since they are synthetic fibers, they tend to be cheaper than natural hair wigs. What makes them saleable is not only because they are affordable but also because they tend to hold the shape and color requiring less maintenance. The only thing that one should take into consideration when buying these types of wigs is that the fibers are susceptible to heat so that it can melt when it comes into contact with excessive heat.

Therefore consider the following factors before buying a wig

Determine the budget

qwsdeSDNow that you have a view of the different types, the next step is to determine the budget for the wigs. Human hair wigs tend to be expensive; however, there are some that are more affordable. Remy or virgin are more expensive than other cuticle-free human hair wigs.

Quality of the wig

Another option is to check out for synthetic ones. The latest ones out now of superior quality fibers and look natural at the same time. The price, however, is certainly more affordable than human hair types. If you are looking to use the wig for just a one-time occasion or only occasionally, then buying a synthetic one is ideal.

Consider your skin color

If you have light skin, opt for vibrant tones and browns with a red tint in it. On the other hand, if you have dark skin, then, wear medium and light browns.